How Would a Newly Set Up Car Park Operate?

The principal of operation depends on the site and the set of circumstances in question. However generally Parking People operate “Open Access” car parks.

The owner drives without hindrance into the car park.
They park.
They go to the Pay & Display machine.
They pay for a ticket for the amount of time they require to park.
They display the ticket in the car
Parking People then patrols the car park to ensure people have paid for parking. The advantages of such systems is that troublesome and costly barrier systems are eliminated. Queuing to enter and exit the car park is avoided.

How often is the car park patrolled?

This is self regulating, we patrol as much as we need to ensure compliance stays at the highest levels.

What happens if we find some one who has not paid?

Paid compliance in well patrolled car parks is always extremely high. If someone is found not to have paid we operate an ethical enforcement policy. Where ever possible they are given a single warning (via a warning notice). If they are found to be non complaint again they are clamped, with 20% of all clamping revenue going to a registered charity.

What is the legal position for vehicle removal?

Under Irish law we are not aware of any legal provision that allows for vehicle removal from private property without the owners consent. However, local authorities have legal provision for same on public roadways under the Road Traffic Act.

What is the legal position for vehicle clamping on private property?

After numerous legal challenges down through the years there has been no successful legal rebuttal (that we are aware of) of the principal of a landowner or his agent clamping on private property once clear signage has been put in place advising the driver of the consequences of certain actions.