Terms and Conditions of Parking Arrangement

Agreement to rent a parking space for a motor car only.

I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of car park use as set out below. I understand that spaces cannot be ‘held’ without payment being made.

I agree to make an initial double payment representing payment for the first and last month of this contract. I understand that this is not a deposit. I agree that thereafter (30 days later) automatic payment for the parking space will be made.

I agree that this contract will be for an initial minimum period of two months, and thereafter will operate on a month to month basis, unless I give 30 days’ notice in writing. I also agree that Parking People Ltd may bring the contract to a close on 7 days’ notice in the event of non-payment or where attempts to resolve any matters have failed.

The additional notes in the product information section of each car park form part of this agreement as to opening hours etc.

Terms and Conditions

“The undersigned hereby agrees with Parking People (the administrators of the car park spaces as agents on behalf of the owners of the car park) and acknowledges as follows,

  • All advertised details on the website forms part of these Terms & Conditions.
  • In return for agreed payment to be paid, hereinafter called “Parking People” having its registered address at Navigation House, Sandycove, Kinsale, Co. Cork, parking space at the Car Park will be provided by the Owner for the undersigned to park as agreed, during the Car Park published opening hours.
  • The first and last months’ payment are paid for at the start of the agreement and in advance by an initial Bank Credit Transfer. Payments thereafter are monthly by Automatic Bank Standing Order. The date for the first standing order payment is 30 days after the start date on the agreement.
  • Please note parking spaces cannot be “held” in advance, payment is required, and the agreement and use of the space commences on receipt of payment and signed terms and conditions.
  • A parking space is secured only on agreeing to the terms and conditions and payment.
  • The details as advertised on the website for this car park, specifically detailing access hours, etc, forms part of the Terms & Conditions for this site.
  • This arrangement will be for an initial period of 2 months, with no refunds, and will be renewed monthly thereafter by common agreement unless either party gives 30 days prior written notice. All payments are for 1 month at the time from any calendar date the user chooses. There are no half payments, weekly payments etc. Payment is required throughout the year, with no free days, weeks, months, or holiday breaks etc. No reductions are given for non-use or partial non-use in a particular month.
  • Pursuant to Section 5 of the Occupiers Liability Act 1995, the Owner, his agents and occupier of the Car Park premises and property hereby excludes any duty it may have to any person(s) entering upon the premises and in respect of the Owner’s property. In so doing the Owner, his agents or the occupier accepts no liability for any injury, loss or damage to any persons on his or her property howsoever arising from entry on to the Car Park including loss or damage to vehicles and contents of vehicles in so far as such liability can be limited by S.5(3) of the Act.
  • Parking People who administers the car park space, those it acts for, or its agents, are not responsible for any driver of cars using the Car Park facility, or those who accompany them, their vehicle or any items left in a vehicle parked in the Car Park spaces. All persons coming on to these Car Park premises and property do so at their own risk. All persons are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of those who accompany them over whom they exercise authority and / or control. Parking People is not responsible for the car park surface or general site safety unless otherwise stated.
  • Parking People who administers the car park space, those it acts for, or its agents, are not responsible for any driver of cars using the Car Park facility their vehicle or any items left in a vehicle due to flooding, fire and any other natural disasters.
  • Parking People who administer the Car Park on behalf of the owner, those it acts for, or its agent’s, are not liable for any loss or damage save only to any damage caused by the Parking People car park administration services company employees or third persons engaged by it in the operation of the arrangement.
  • Failure to adhere to the terms of this arrangement will result in your vehicle being clamped or removed (with a charge for release).
  • Parking People reserve the right on occasion to redirect parkers to alternative parking locations within the area, within 24 hours
  • No long term vehicle storage permitted.
  • No subletting of spaces are allowed under this agreement.
  • No Staying overnight in Vehicles.
  • All prices are subject to an inflationary price increase on an annual basis.
  • Parking People reserves the right to immediately withdraw parking from an individual where their vehicle is in a state of disrepair. If the vehicle is not removed Parking People reserves the right to have the vehicle removed and scrapped with the parker being liable for any incurred costs.
  • A tariff of €15 is charged for issuing replacing permits and for administering refunds.
  • In the event of someone illegally occupying the contracted space the undersigned agrees to contact Parking People immediately for direction and further agrees not to park in someone else’s contracted space without approval.
  • It is clearly understood that the parker agrees to all these Terms and Conditions to be allowed park on this site. Parking People reserves the right to terminate the contract within immediate effect for any breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions of the Referral Program:

  1. The discount will only apply once the person being referred has successfully booked a space over our website.
  2. The discount will only apply for the following month.
  3. Company organized block bookings do not apply.
  4. Only the person that made the referral will qualify for the discount and not the person being referred.
  5. To qualify for the discount, the bookings have to be per individual person – not multiple bookings through a company.
  6. This referral scheme is for available spaces only.
  7. To qualify for the discount, the person being referred must name the person that referred them when booking their space.


Payments Provider

Parking People uses Stripe Payments as our payment provider.  Stripe’s Payment Terms and Conditions can be found here.